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John McDaniel: Director of Tennis 1

Posted on July 19, 2010 by PTFC


The title may speak for itself but if you have met John, you will understand he is much more than a title. John is truly one of the outstanding coaches around. His is outgoing and friendly yet determined and focused when it comes to the game of tennis.

John has enjoyed teaching at Potomac Tennis & Fitness Club for over twenty five years. During this time, he has had the opportunity to instruct players at all levels bringing satisfaction and accomplishment to their games, including several nationally ranked juniors. Prior to coming to PTFC, John trained and taught at the renowned Van Der Meer Tennis Center on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

When you visit The Potomac Tennis & Fitness Club, you will typically see John on the court by 9am and often leaving the court at 9pm. Regardless of the time of day, John is cheerful, animated and engaging with whomever he is teaching. Because of this, his reputation has grown and although getting court time with him can de difficult, it is worth the wait.

John oversees two other teaching professionals, both of them committed to serving members and guests alike. Teaching professionals Elan Mizrahi and Mathew Russell can be found giving individual lessons or driving groups through their drills throughout the year.

If you are thinking of improving your game, then I truly recommend spending some time with John or one of the other teaching professionals, your game will thank you!

  • Pro Shop Update

    Your tennis racquet should be re-strung every 40 hours of play. Stop by the Potomac Tennis Pro Shop to have your racquet strung with your choice of professional strings by expert Paul Neal.

    Call the shop at 301-983-1450.

  • Tennis Tips

    - Always remember to get your racquet back as soon as you see which side the ball is going to and turn.

    - Return to center as soon as you hit the ball and have your racquet up and ready for the next shot.

    - Keep your feet moving so you can get to the next ball position.

    - Drink lots of fluids on these hot summer days!

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